How to Finish Renovation Projects On Time

Finishing renovation projects can be quite a hassle, especially when the project is going over the scheduled time you have allocated for it.

Remember when you got the bright idea to do the renovation and you were excited? Once the project begins, it turns into a whole other game.

Here are ways to ensure that the project finishes on time:

construction workers inspecting a home under constructionSchedule Inspections

Before you move ahead with any project, schedule any type of inspection that could reveal future problems. For instance, have your home checked for termites and asbestosis.

If you tear down a wall and run into either of those, you’re going to have much bigger problems on your hands than finishing on time.

Extra Materials

Making sure that you have enough materials for the job is crucial to the completion of the project.

One time-saving tip is to buy more than you need. This is to ensure that if an accident happens where a piece of the material breaks or is rendered useless, you will not waste time making trips to the hardware store.

Keep this extra materials in a secure place where they won’t be damaged. In some cases, you may be able to return anything that goes unused to the hardware store for a refund, just make sure to hold on to your receipt!


This will come as common sense to most, but make sure to schedule workers in a logical order.

For instance, it will be a waste of everyone’s time if the drywall laborers show up before the electrician has had a chance to do his job.

Hire the Right Contractor…

One way to avoid many DIY mistakes is to simply hire a contractor. If you take this route, make sure you do your research, and find an experienced contractor.

You can also ask for a portfolio of previous work and references from prospective hires.

Call these past clients, and ask questions such as: “Was he and his employees professional, on time, and on budget?” “Were you happy with your overall experience and would you use this contractor again?”

…But Don’t Be Afraid to Fire the Contractor

If you find that the contractor is not holding up to their end of the deal, do not be afraid to fire them.

You can find a different contractor to pick up where they left off, but again you will need to perform your due diligence before hiring.

If you find that you have to let the contractor go, then meet with another contractor and explain your situation. They will usually give you a free estimate and consultation on what it will take to complete the project.


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