Finally Fall: The Perfect Lake Activities for Autumn

It’s the greatest time of the year! Yes, lake lovers, as the oppressive heat of late summer gives way to lower humidity and the changing of the season, fall is finally upon us.

Fall at the lake means more activity, not less. Comfortable temperate days give way to marshmallow fueled evenings with good fishing and colorful foliage in between.  

The lake in autumn is an experience all its own. While traffic to the beach begins to wane, the lake is just getting warmed up as the destination of choice. 

 So, what are the perfect activities for autumn at the lake?

Go Campingtent on the lake's shore

Crisp, cool weather, stark blue skies, and a beautiful, scenic backdrop: that sounds like the perfect recipe for a weekend camping trip on the lakeshore. How awesome would it be to cook up the catch of the day over an open fire, or swing in a hammock under millions of stars in the night sky? Just thinking about it is exciting!

dad hiking with baby on his backTake a Hike

Most lakes are surrounded by plenty of hills, mountains, trees, and valleys. Some even feature caves, cliffs, and waterfalls. Take advantage of all that Mother Nature has to offer and go for a hike! Unlike in the summertime, hikes in the fall don’t usually include heavy perspiration, dehydration, and pesky insects. It’s a relaxing yet healthy activity the whole family can enjoy.

little boy playing in leaves

Enjoy the Foliage

One of the best parts about fall is the way the face of the earth changes right before our eyes. This autumn, get out and appreciate the array of red, green, gold, and orange that surround you. Go on a bike ride around the lake with your sweetheart, or take a long drive down some picturesque, winding country roads.

woman drinking wineGo Wine Tasting

Now, this one is only family-friendly if your kids are 21 or older. Lakes all around the country boast gorgeous vineyards and wineries close by for visitors to enjoy. Wine tasting is a popular and delicious fall activity that makes impressing your friends at fine restaurants a breeze.


Build a Bonfire

There’s nothing like a fire pit or outdoor fireplace for fall! This cultural staple of fall is perfect for lake lovers of all ages. These gatherings are where memories are made, scary stories are told, and great conversations are had. This fall, round up a group of friends and partake in s’mores, hot dogs and good times.

Go Canoeing

You can still have fun on the lake during the fall!

Just because the weather is cooler than summer doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the water. Canoeing and kayaking in the fall are wonderful past times. Also, autumn’s mild conditions are great for exercising outdoors, when the backdrop of fall on the lake is especially scenic.

Fun at the lake doesn’t end when the temperature drops; if anything, it can get better. Embrace fall at the lake and give lake life a new dimension. Happy autumn, lake lovers.

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