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Entrepreneur Magazine Shares Leadership Lesson From Lake Homes Realty CEO

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Lake Homes Realty CEO Glenn S Phillips

Glenn S. Phillips

A leadership lesson learned by Lake Homes Realty CEO Glenn S. Phillips was recently featured on the business magazine website

The article “5 Stories That Will Make You Rethink Your Leadership Style,”  by contributing writer Heather R. Huhman, shares an early business struggle by Phillips when running a software company.

From this struggle, Phillips learned a lesson about embracing ongoing education. Now personal and staff education is a daily activity in his leadership role as CEO of Lake Homes Realty.

“I appreciate Entrepreneur magazine sharing my story,” says Phillips. “Everyone running a business can benefit from the lessons learned by peers and mentors. No one builds a business alone. I hope I’m doing a good job of paying-it-forward for all those who have helped me, and those who continue to help me.”

“In my case, this was a lesson learned the hard way, trying to just work harder. What was key, as I would learn, is that I needed more knowledge and different types of education behind that work.”

The article also includes helpful leadership lessons and “takeaways” from other business leaders around the country.

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