Easy and Inexpensive DIY Options to Refresh and Rejuvenate A Room

Nothing will boost your spirits or improve the look of your home quite like a new decorating project will. Many people have the notion that decorating has to be an extensive project in order to make a difference. The truth is that there are plenty of easy, do-it-yourself techniques you can use to liven up any room of your home.

Here are five inexpensive DIY options to use the next time you need a pick-me-up for a room, but don’t want to spend a great deal of time or money on home improvements:

lady painter painting the ceiling1. Paint your home

Nothing will brighten up a room and make it appear fresh and clean quite like a new coat of paint. By adding new paint, you can make architectural features stand out, create a focal point, or completely change the color scheme of your room.

Paint is also inexpensive, and an average room can be finished in one or two days, even if more than one coat is needed.

Painting doesn’t have to be limited to only your walls, as your furniture and floors can all benefit from a fresh coat as well. Consider painting and stenciling some tired old furniture to make it look like new again, or adding a distinct pattern to your floor to help change things up a bit.

2. Install new light fixtures and switches

One of the things that can really date a room is old, worn-out fixtures. To brighten up your room, consider replacing your old ceiling fan with a newer model or updating other light fixtures. Replace any blinds that are torn, cracked or faded with new ones (or hang curtains instead).

Even items you may not pay attention to much such as baseboard heaters or wall radiators can be updated easily by purchasing an attractive cover to slip over the top of them. Replace outlets and light switch covers, and upgrade interior doors with more modern ones to complete the look.

3. Change your home’s accessories

It’s amazing how changing around a few accessories can make such a tremendous difference in the way your room looks and feels. If you’ve had the same wall hangings up for ages, now is the time to consider replacing them with some different pieces. If you find you just can’t part with them, try switching up the arrangement instead.

When upgrading a very small room, consider adding a mirror along one wall to help expand the space. Add a couple of new lamps and some strategically-placed throw rugs, and your room can instantly take on a brand new look with only a minimum amount of time and effort.

4. Clean and de-clutter

There’s a reason why real estate agents tell homeowners to stage their rooms before a showing, and that is because it invokes a sense of calmness and peace among those who visit. As such, one of the best ways to revamp a room that does not require any special set of skills is to clean and de-clutter it.

Begin at the top, dusting and removing cobwebs from the ceiling and door ledges, and then work your way down each wall to your baseboards. Dust every piece of furniture completely, and remove smudges and grease marks from your doors. Follow this by thoroughly shampooing your carpets so that every inch of your room is spic and span.

While you’re at it, get rid of anything you don’t use on a regular basis, and throw away anything that’s broken or damaged. This includes furniture as well as knick-knacks and accessories.

Find a few attractive containers to hold the things you can’t seem to part with, and make sure everything is neatly labeled so you can find your belongings whenever you need to. Once you have everything organized, make an extra effort to keep it that way.

5. Focus on your windows and coverings

Your windows play an important part in showcasing a room’s best features. If they are covered with heavy drapes, it could make your room seem dark and uninviting.

Lighten them up with some curtains made from natural materials such as cotton or gauze, and allow them to flow freely to soften the look a bit.

If you want a more formal look, use a valance or cornice over top of your windows instead. Don’t forget to wash your windows so they are sparkling clean, as dirty ones will only make your room appear unattractive rather than adding to its character.


These five techniques are things anyone can do to make a room look fresher and brighter in virtually no time at all. Try one or a combination of them to help you enhance the look of your home, and you will be rewarded with a new outlook on life as well as a sense of accomplishment.

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