Creative Ways to Celebrate the Holidays During the Pandemic

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During the holidays, we often write on the Lake Homes Realty blog about hosting. From hosting a game day event during football season to inviting guests for Thanksgiving, we’ve got you covered.

Our interest in hosting is because we understand the importance of sharing your lake house with friends and family. With stunning views of nature, more outdoor space, and generally cozy vibes, it’s a perfect venue for hosting.

Unfortunately, during the pandemic, we can’t celebrate the holidays in the same way. The CDC is recommending small gatherings, wearing masks, and minimizing travel. So, we have to get creative. This holiday season, try some of these social distancing friendly alternatives at your lake house!

Zoom Holiday Dinner

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Since the pandemic began, loneliness has been on the rise. Since indoor dinner parties with out-of-town guests are no longer an option, we’re feeling the lack of connection more acutely this holiday season.

However, thanks to technology, Zoom dinner parties are “a next-best” alternative. You can send a video chat invitation to multiple guests for Thanksgiving, and everyone can join from their dinner tables. You can even do activities like “show and tell,” where each guest gets a chance to show off their cooking skills for the evening.

If your guests do not all know each other, utilize Zoom’s “breakout rooms” feature to enable your guests’ side conversations. 

Host a Small Group Outdoors

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According to experts, spending time with others outdoors (and with a mask) presents a lower risk for catching and transmitting COVID than indoor gatherings. Outdoor events are where lake houses have an advantage.

There’s usually plenty of outdoor space to celebrate the holidays at the lake! Utilize the backyard of your lake home to create a venue for a socially distant gathering. If it’s chilly outside, center several chairs six feet apart around a heater or fire pit. You can encourage guests to bring blankets to stay warm! 

If you host an in-person gathering, it’s an excellent opportunity to decorate your backyard. String lights, tablecloths, and a bar cart can evoke a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. You can even set up a speaker outside for some background music!

Online Gift Exchange

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Of course, Secret Santa is not the same virtually. There’s no pool of wrapped gifts in the center of the floor, and countless thank-you hugs as gifts are exchanged among friends and family.

Just because we’re far apart doesn’t mean the celebration has to end. It’s still possible to host a gift exchange online! Just be sure to plan ahead of time. Using a website like Sneaky Santa or Elfster, enter each participant’s name into the drawing. Once each person has been assigned a Secret Santa, allow plenty of time for mailed gifts.

After everyone’s mail has been received, host a Zoom event for each member to reveal their gifts and guess their Secret Santa. To make the event more celebratory, ask your guests to wear their favorite holiday sweater! 

Virtual Costume Party

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Although Halloween has already come and gone, you can still host a fun costume party for another upcoming holiday like New Years Eve. Whether it’s a costume party (and contest) or another fun theme that you choose, everyone can show off their fun outfits. Consider hosting it over Zoom or another video chatting platform for New Year’s Eve. This could be the year to begin some new traditions.

At Lake Homes Realty, we understand how tough it is to navigate hosting at your lake house during the pandemic. However, we hope these tips help you to stay as connected to your loved ones as possible during the holiday season! 

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