Breath Easy: 4 Tips For Fresher Air In Your Home

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The best part about fall around the lake is the crisp, clean air that drifts in through the open doors and windows.

Of course, it always feels better to be outside this time of year than inside, but how do you get the clean, fresh fall air to follow you indoors?

Instead of spraying pumpkin spice air freshener inside, or piling on the potpourri, here are a few tips to help you get fresher air indoors:

interior view looking outside through a window at the lakeWindows

Pretty obvious, right? Open your windows!

Open your storm door if you have a screen door as well.

Opening the windows allows fresh air to circulate, and if you have a house that faces the sun, the sun is a natural disinfectant.

So open the curtains and let the sun shine!

If it’s too hot during the day, just open the windows once the sun begins to set for a few hours, or all night if you’re comfortable.

You’ll wake up feeling nice and cozy in your warm bed, while you enjoy the sound of the falling leaves and the smell of the lake drifting in on the breeze.


Plants are a crucial addition to any home if you’re really hoping to clean the air.

Aloe Vera is a great choice, and can also double as a salve for burns. Weeping fig trees, spider plants and English Ivy also make a great addition.

If you struggle with light in your house, get a sturdier plant breed, like the Warneck Dracaena or the Chinese Evergreen, which do not require much light to survive.

Just be careful if you have pets or small children- some of these plants can be toxic if ingested.

Air Purifier

The least glamorous of the options, but arguably one of the most effective, is an air purifier.

You can buy any size of air purifier at your local super store or even a home improvement shop.

Some of them filter through the air, while some use an ionizing light to neutralize odors, dander and create good ozone that is better for humans to breathe.

They usually run very quietly, and can serve as light white noise for a child’s room as well.

They need to be cleaned often, so make sure you pay attention to the manual when you buy.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are entirely different from candles and potpourri.

While they smell just as great, arguably better, essential oils have calming and invigorating tendencies.

If you want to clean the air in your house, or just add a touch of freshness, get some peppermint, clove or lavender essential oil.

Mix in a spray bottle, 10 drops to 2 cups of water, and spray around your house.

Essential oils have disinfectant properties as well, so you’re cleaning the air while refreshing it.

Hopefully this list keeps you feeling refreshed and energized in your home this fall, and lets you enjoy the fall air while stuck indoors.


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