8 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Home and Health

New Year’s resolutions typically begin with perfecting yourself, or at least bettering yourself by losing weight, quitting smoking, eating better, working more, etc., but we usually do not think about resolutions for our homes.

We always have a project we would like to work on, or have things around the house we should keep up on.

Here is a list of 8 New Year’s resolutions for better health and a happier home:

new years eve fireworks over the lake

Quit smoking indoors

Or better yet, quit smoking altogether!

Smoking indoors creates a musky, over-powering odor, one non-smokers hard time being around.

Not only does smoking inside produce harsh smells, it creates a film over everything in the house like walls, windows and furniture.

If you have white walls and have been smoking for 2 years inside, they are probably more yellow-toned by now.

Watch your money

Keep your home finances to a budget; including household repairs.

Open a separate savings account designated for home repairs, changing or adding new items to the home, such as décor, new bedding, towels, etc., and household supplies such as a rake for the falling leaves, or salt for the drive way during the winter.

Conserve Energy

Learn how to be more energy efficient.

Use lights only when necessary, turn off all lights and TV’s when not in the room and use water when needed. Remember to check those leaky faucets!

Also. turn off the heat or AC, and open the windows when it is nice outside.

De-clutter and deep clean your home

This means going through each room and getting rid of what is not needed or wanted.

This may be a great way for you to make extra money by selling anything you think is worth something, either online or by having a yard sale. You could also donate your unneeded items to a local charity.

Make a resolution to keep your home cleaner. Most of us can sat this is one resolution we can afford to commit to.

Keeping a home clean helps our overall mood; it keeps us in a happy and productive mood.

A messy place where it seems everything is out of place can create a chaotic and stressful environment.

Focus on Family

Spend more time your loved ones.

Keeping your home full of family and friends is a great way to keep it fun and create memories at the same time.

Utilize your kitchen and make big family meals and invite all that you care about.

Start Small

Make small repairs, and other additions to your home, yourself.

By hiring someone, you are normally paying triple the amount it takes to do the project yourself.

If it is a simple repair or addition, such as adding a shelving unit, or painting the house, you can do that yourself and even invite family and/or friends over to help.

And if you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered.

Watch less TV

Limit your time in front of the TV by reading more or taking up a new hobby.

By making it a point to watch less TV, you are saving on the overall cost of electricity, but more importantly you are exercising you mind by reading or your body with outdoor activities.


The new can be the start of a new lifestyle. Give these tips a try for a happier, healthier 2018.


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