6 Tips For Maintaining Your Laundry Room

laundry organizationThe laundry room can be a notorious place of dysfunction and unwanted aromas and that is why many seek the inspiration to streamline their cramped laundry into a spacious and peaceful place (where time doesn’t freeze).

Here some tips that will help you organize your laundry room.

1. Keep everything together.

Usually, laundry rooms are cramped but there is a reason for that, the reason is that your laundry room is not streamlined. Here are some things that you need:

  • Sewing kits for repairs
  • Shoe care
  • Stain removers
  • Storage for clothes
  • Detergent
  • Neat Stacks

You also need a divider so that all the stacks are neatly placed and you can use a glass container for the detergent so you can see when you low on detergent.

2. Drying Bar

Some cotton shirts shrink and its best to remove them when they are a little damp.  Air drying these kinds of clothes is the best option so you can use a drying rack or a bath towel holder.

With a drying rack you can place a few clothes at maximum but with a bath towel holder, you can hang a row of clothes with hangers. While you can also dry your clothes on the bath towel hanger, you can also place them there when you are ironing them.

3. Adjustable Wire Shelving

This is great because of its convenience, its waterproof and your shelf is reserved for one set of clothes and the boxes can be used for supplies. You can put a rod up there as well to hang clothes. You can also place the ironing board nearby for easy access.

4. Your Defense against Stains

A chart will do you a world of good as you can spot a stain before it leaves a mark on the fabric permanently. There are many types of stains and that is why it is convenient to have a stain chart.

This way you can have a streamlined process where you know the best cleaning method for a particular stain. Not only this will save your time but will improve efficiency. You can use a diary or better yet, make a chart on your computer, print it and pin it on your wall. This way you can have easy access to it and can refer to it whenever you need it.

5. The Perfect Fold

Towels can be a mess if not folded properly. Neatly folded towels will keep your laundry room neat, you can use a standard cutting board in the center of the towel.

Just fold one end and then fold the other side. You can adjust your cutting board according to the size of towels that you use.

6. Canvas Bags

Canvas bags are a heavenly invention for those who like to carry and wash. You can easily carry your laundry and you can eliminate sorting.


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