Whiteboard Topics: 5 Things to Promote When Selling Your Lake Home

The pandemic has forced many to change their lifestyles and this includes living spaces as well. So, if you’re thinking of selling, here are 5 things to promote when listing your lake home.

  1. Internet. With more people working and spending more time at home, having reliable high-speed internet access is crucial.
  2. Cell Signal. Many lake homes are located in mountainous or rural areas where cell phone signal might not be at its optimal strength. If your lake home has strong cell signal, this is a feature that is worth mentioning.
  3. Home Office. The pandemic has allowed many people to work from home, therefore a home office is a requirement that most lake home buyers are looking for in 2021.
  4. Extra Storage. Unlike traditional lake homes/vacation homes where people often visit for short periods, living at the lake requires extra storage space for everyday household items and perhaps a garage for a car or other vehicles.
  5. Time to Airport. Travel time to and from an airport is an important factor that many lake home buyers might consider when looking for a lake home. Even though travel has temporarily stalled due to the pandemic, it is expected to resume in the near future.

We hope you find these tips valuable as you venture out on your journey to selling your home. Please feel free to reach out to our lake experts for guidance.

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