Whiteboard Topics: 4 Reasons To Sell A Lake Home This Winter

Contrary to popular belief, selling your lake home this winter is a great financial move. Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn S. Phillips, shares why you need to sell before this winter is over.
  1. Market Strength (For Now): The market is still at a peak, but this trend could slow down in the coming future. This may be the best time to get the best return on your home.
  2. Buyers are NOT Seasonal: Serious buyers are looking for properties all year-round. Leaving your home from the market during the winter will make it stand out.
  3. Relocation Patterns: There has been an increase in buyers moving from their home states. These buyers are eager to leave now, but this may not last in the coming years.
  4. Coming Interest Rate Changes: Increasing interest rates will inevitably slow down the housing market, so it’s essential to sell your home before buyers get scared away.
Take advantage of the strong housing market this winter before it shifts in the opposite direction. There is no telling exactly when the market will slow down, so you need to be ahead of it!

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