3 Unique Outdoor Upgrades for Lake Homes

There are many ways to make a house a home, and lake properties are no exception. In addition to making your home more enjoyable to live and entertain in, these outdoor ideas can even add value to the property by increasing curb and shore appeal.

Shore Appeal

One quality that sets lake properties apart from non-lake property is shore appeal. In addition to traditional curb appeal, lake homes have shore appeal, as many homes are actually viewed from the water just as much or even more than they are viewed from the road.

Before you undertake any shoreline projects make sure you double check your local laws and regulations as modifications can have a dramatic impact on the local environment.

Some lakes allow the construction of seawalls which can be created out of concrete, wood, or natural boulders. Seawalls protect your shoreline from erosion, and enhance the visual appeal of your shoreline.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools can be a great addition to any home, but can be particularly fun for a lake home. If you are thinking about adding a pool, here are some things you could consider:

  • Take advantage of an infinity/vanishing edge pool design to incorporate your scenic lake view.
  • Pick a plaster color to give your water a similar shade to the lake.
  • Natural stone pool decking.

a house with an elegant brick drivewayWalkways and Paths

Stone tile walkways can create a natural looking yet convenient pathway between your key outdoor features such as the boat dock, pool, or a gazebo.

It also helps keep your lawn from becoming trampled which helps keep the grass healthy and green.

In addition to stone tile other unique and visually appealing alternatives for creating paths include cobblestone, brick, pebbles, or mulch.

For a great cohesive effect you may even consider redoing your driveway to match or resemble the pathways you have throughout your property.


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