3 Reasons You Have to Visit the Lake This Fall

lake view in the fallFall is here, and with its arrival, many people end their great summer vacations, get back to school, and get ready to enjoy hot cider, pumpkins, and fall leaves at home.

But wait! Just because fall is here doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice getaway.

In fact, there are many points in favor of taking a getaway to the lake in the fall rather than the summer.

After all, who wants to fight traffic, crowded boat landings and lakes full of cruisers, skiers and anglers?

Kids can get grumpy in the summer heat and parents, exhausted. And don’t forget the bugs are out, and there are just so many people.

Ok, ok, so the lake in summer is not that bad (it’s actually great!), but there are some experiences you can only have if you visit the lake this fall.

Fewer People

There are fewer people visiting the lake in the fall.

Sure, people come to hike or take photos, but the beaches around the lake aren’t packed with college kids or families coated in sunblock.

The access roads are actually accessible in the fall, and the main channel isn’t overcrowded with other boaters.

If you don’t like crowds of people, or suffer from “boat” rage, the lake during the fall is the ideal.

Scenic Views

Everything just looks better in the fall.

Lakes are beautiful year-round, but imagine the trees around the lake in fall colors, and a lovely fall sunset that makes everything seem much more vivid.

The fall twilight makes your beloved lake home look and feel even more cozy. Enjoy long walks while taking in the views, and appreciate the wild outdoors at its most beautiful.

Better yet, hit the lake.

Before winterizing your boat and docking it for the year, hit the water to take in all the colors of the fall leaves.


Anyone who says they don’t like fall weather is just crazy, so don’t listen to them. Autumn marks cooler temperatures, but straddles the line between “hot” and “cold” perfectly.

In the summer, you’re sweating on your walk or in the boat out in the open lake, the sun is burning you, and you’re tired before the day is done.

In the fall, you can walk or boat all day without truly getting overheated, and the bugs have mostly gone away so you won’t be lathering yourself in DEET.

Let’s paint a new picture, shall we?

Imagine cruising down the open highway, enjoying a sing-a-long with your kids, headed to your weekend getaway in a great cabin by the lake.

You get to enjoy the fall foliage while you  walk along your favorite trail, which is no longer crowded, at your leisure in the crisp air.

The bugs have gone or quieted down, and the animals are out in full force, giving you a great wildlife-watching experience.

The climate is perfect sweater weather, and you can stay out all day without getting cold or hot.

The leaves on the ground, and the colors of the trees, provide a fantastic backdrop for your new Facebook cover photo, making all of your friends instantly jealous of your fall retreat.

At night in your comfy cabin, the kids rest peacefully as there are no late night boaters out creating noise pollution, and you and your spouse enjoy a nice cider or pumpkin beer on the patio, listening to the rustle of the leaves.

While a lake home is typically seen as a great place to spend the summer, if that is the only time you utilize your space you are only getting a fraction of the benefits of lake living!



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