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Why Lakes Are Superior to Beaches

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Lakes or beaches? When it comes down to the difference between lake living and beach bumming, it’s all about personal preference.

To be fair, beaches have their perks.

The sight, sound and smell of white-crested waves lapping on the shore at sunset; towering palm trees swaying in the wind; strong, unpredictable gusts of winds that cause sand to blow around everywhere all the time. Yes, beaches are nice.

But we’re here to give you a few reasons why lakes are just superior, and yes, that pun is intended.

The Sea Eats Everything

Saltwater and metal do not get along. As a matter of fact, they’re mortal enemies.

Moisture, salt and oxygen are a lethal combination for metals and damages them worse than rust does.

Saltwater corrodes, or eats away at, metal which weakens it and causes it to fall apart. In fact, it corrodes it five times faster than freshwater, and the humid, salty air of the sea makes the corrosion process go ten times faster.

Also, ocean bacteria is notorious for consuming iron and turning it to rust. What does this mean for you? Maintenance, maintenance and more maintenance.

Living on the beach entails a constant fight against the elements to keep things like boats, outdoor furniture, exterior lighting fixtures, water pipes and even laptops and washing machines from falling apart.

And then there’s always land erosion. Having a beachfront home is nice until you realize the water gets closer and closer to your home each year because the sea eats everything.

Play it safe and buy a lake home.

A Tale of Two Environments

When it comes to the differences in lake and ocean environments, it really just depends on the type of person you are.

Grass or sand? Nostalgic rope swings or adventurous deep-sea fishing?

As far as marine environments go, most beaches have pretty extensive restrictions–which can vary depending on which beach you go to–on what you can and cannot do on them (albeit, for good reason).

Do you like drinking beer from glass bottles? Don’t go to the beach. Want to bring man’s best friend along for a day on the water? Don’t go to the beach. Want to cookout, or grill, by the water? Pfft, forget about it because beaches frown upon open fires. Some don’t even allow kayaks, windsurfing or inflatable toys.

Kite flying is restricted. Swimming in certain areas is restricted. Jet skis? Restricted.

Plan on taking a nap by the calm of the water? Not. Allowed. At the beach.

Additionally, typical beach activities–sunbathing, volleyball, building sand castles–are fun, but admittedly don’t offer much by way of outdoor adventure. Unless, of course, surfing is your activity of choice. But for those of us who aren’t water-walking Olympians, there are lakes.

For starters, you can quite literally do whatever you want.

Grill out and drink beer or soda from real glass bottles. Have a fun bonfire with friends, or start a campfire for the night.

Instead of boating miles and miles out into the water, fish from the comfort and privacy of your own dock.

You can sunbathe, too, but there’s also kayaking, paddleboarding, hiking and canoeing.

As opposed to beaches that turn into ghost towns when the temperature drops, lakes are hot spots year round. In some areas, like Lake Michigan and Lake George in New York, you can enjoy cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and sledding in the winter.

Wildlife and scenery at the lake are extremely diverse, which spells good news for everyone from hunters and biologists to painters and photographers.

Harmless animals like ducks, swans, bullfrogs, fireflies and deer pepper the landscape and add a certain serenity to it all.

The sea has everything from volatile seagulls that steal your sunglasses to deep sea fish–with eyes on top of their heads and large teeth–that can consume prey ten times their size.

And ocean/coastal weather–hurricanes, earthquakes, monsoons, typhoons, tsunamis–is an entirely different blog post for another day.

The beach is wonderful in many ways, but nothing beats the serene, lush environment of the lake.

So, play it safe and buy a lake home.

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