2022 Outdoor Fabric Trends

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Hello, summer! At your lake house, it’s that blissful time of year when you can finally use your backyard. As it gets warmer, there’s nothing better than inviting guests to your outdoor dining space to watch a warm lakeside afternoon turn into a cool evening. To prepare for the season, it’s never a bad idea to spruce up your outdoor fabrics. Whether it’s reupholstering seat cushions or investing in new throw pillows, just a little shift in fabric can transform a whole look. Today, we’re taking a glimpse at the top outdoor fabric trends for 2022.

Bold and Bright

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After a few years locked inside during the pandemic, homeowners are taking this year to be loud and proud. According to Southern Living, a theme for the summer is bright shapes and patterns. Think large stripes, oversized florals, or any other bold designs that accentuate your individuality. In a similar vein, it’s also popular to mix patterns. For instance, highlighting florals on a sofa and stripes on an ottoman is a fun way to mix and match your designs. In an outdoor space, it also mimics the liveliness of your natural surroundings.

Botanical Motifs

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This outdoor fabric trend is particularly relevant for lake homeowners. As Kirk Fitzsimmons, director of industrial sales at Sunbrella says, “Creating indoor-outdoor connections is especially important in lake home design, and we’re seeing this trend continue to gain popularity this year.” Whether it’s floral patterns, playing up the color green, or burlap texture, selecting fabrics that mimic the colors and qualities of nature. This trend is also in keeping with the overall concept of biophilic design which gives homage to nature in every aspect of home building and decor.

Earthy and Warm

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According to Sunbrella’s recent article addressing Spring fabric trends, warm and earthy colors are trending for this year. From dijon mustard yellows to corals, any shade that evokes a sense of warm energy is particularly in style. These hues create a welcoming feel in your outdoor space, which is perfect for any lake homeowners who enjoy hosting.


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Fabrics aren’t just about pillows and cushions. Often forgotten, awnings can elevate your outdoor space to the next level. Fitzsimmons comments, “When it comes to fabrics, one of the best ways to accomplish this {indoor-outdoor connection} from a functional perspective is to introduce shade structures like awnings. Awnings not only provide cooling protection from sunlight but also add comforting texture and help elevate your outdoor space to a beautiful extension of your home.” Just be sure to look for fabrics with the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation, which recognizes safe and effective UV sun protection.


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Geometric styles have been popularized since ancient history. Specifically, Greeks and Moroccans are known for their architecture and art that features small interlocking shapes. In outdoor furniture fabric, these geometric styles create a sense of order and harmony. This will create an intricate, yet clean look for your outdoor living space.

Cabana Stripes

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According to experts at House Beautiful, cabana stripes are making a comeback. Especially if you have a pool — or in the case of lake homes, a body of water — these wide stripes paired with bold colors are a classic choice for your space. In particular, navy blue, gray, and bright yellow are excellent choices for summer. 

We hope this short summary of trends helps you in the decorating process!

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