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About Les:


Les loves real estate because he says it is very rewarding to serve others at critical moments of transition in their lives. "I mean, think about it, people buying or selling a lake home are usually on the cusp of a dream come true!


What a thrill, as Lake Homes agents, to help equip buyers and sellers achieve those dreams!" Furthermore, Les considers his job, as he has every job; an act of service. He has been a Company Commander of a Tactical Operations Center in the Persian Gulf, an Executive Director of a Medical Research Foundation, an Advancement Officer for a Private School and a Professional Sports Chaplain for the National Hockey League.


"In every industry, I have always been in service to others or to a greater cause. Real estate is no different. What the customer wants from those who serve them is not only great research and information, but they want someone who has a track record of being truthful, punctual and doing what they say they will do."


About Bonnie:


Bonnie comes from a real estate family with almost 7 decades of combined service to the industry! She has also been an elementary school teacher and art teacher for the past 15 years.


Bonnie does a fantastic job by bringing incredible attention to detail with a smile and an artful flare to every deal. She loves the waterfront lake community because of its ability to draw together an incredible group of highly talented and accomplished individuals.


"You get to meet truly exceptional people who are letting their guards down to finally enjoy life with family and friends...we love it here!" Bonnie believes that selling at the lake is easy because it is easy to sell something that you love.


"You know, the people that come here, they are sharp individuals. They really do see you for what you are, so I just let them see how much I love my lake and the next thing you neighbors!"


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Les and Bonnie  Burleson

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About John H Kerr Reservoir

History of the Lake


The John H. Kerr Reservoir was completed by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1952 by impounding two rivers, the Roanoke River and the Dan River. This impoundment created an approximately 50,000 acre lake that overlaps the borders of two states, North Carolina and Virginia.


In North Carolina, the John H. Kerr Reservoir lies within three counties, Vance, Granville and Warren. Although it was named for a former North Carolina congressman, John H. Kerr, the residents of the statea know the lake as Buggs Lake, Buggs Island Reservoir, or Kerr Lake.


Recreational Opportunities Abound


Originally created for flood control and to generate hydro-electric power, the lake has since become renowned for recreational purposes. It provides visitors and residents alike with a ready source for fishing, boating, kayaking, sailing, swimming, skiing, hunting and camping. With an abundance of fish life including largemouth bass, crappie, striped bass, channel catfish, flatheads and more, the lake is extremely popular with fishermen.


Two marinas on the North Carolina side of the reservoir, Steel Creek Marina and Satterwhite Point Marina, offer gas docks, wet slips and storage to boaters and fishermen. The Corps of Engineers also provides a number of boat launch facilities and defined areas for swimmers around the lake boundaries. Wildlife management techniques have ensured that there are thousands of acres available for hiking, wildlife viewing and hunting. Camping is another popular pastime in the area.


Living on the Lake


With over 850 miles of shoreline and a depth of 100 feet at the dam (but an average depth of only 30 feet), the waters of the reservoir have a massive appeal to people of both states not only for recreational purposes, but for lakefront living as well.


Although the Army Corps of Engineers owns to the 320 foot elevation, the lakefront has a variety of housing ranging from gated communities with community dock privileges to estate homes with private docks and boat lifts. John H Kerr Reservoir is the perfect place to enjoy all aspects of Lake living