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Lake Real Estate Agent

Lake Stamford Real Estate Agent

Kallie Croxton

Lake Homes Realty

(325) 225-4212

Kallie Croxton has been living the lake life in Texas in many of the lake areas she helps clients with every day. Many of her fond memories involve the lake, including where she married her husband!


Being in real estate since she was 18 has given Kallie plenty of experience and passion to help her clients with their needs. She has experience with many different types of lake homes, so she is well equipped no matter the property.


When she is not working tirelessly to meet her clients' needs, Kallie can be found at the lake, fishing, boating, socializing with friends, and spending time with her husband, two young children, and the family dog.


Kallie loves helping clients find "the one," and delights in helping a family find a home they will love and make memories in for decades. If you are looking for a local lake expert in the Lake Kirby, Lake Abilene, Lake Fort Phantom, Lake Coleman, Lake Cisco, Hubbard Creek Lake, and Lake Stamford areas, be sure to give Kallie Croxton a call!


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Kallie  Croxton

Contact Kallie:

(325) 225-4212


About Lake Stamford

Stamford, Texas

Lake Stamford is located northeast of Stamford, Texas, less than 120 miles from Wichita Falls. Abilene is a little over an hour away, perfect for a quick day trip.


The Abilene Regional Airport is around an hour away, and the Haskell Memorial Hospital is a little less than 30 minutes away for easy travel and medical care.


Residents can shop at Mall of Abilene and try out restaurants such as Irene’s BBQ and Grill or Holley’s Dixie Dog.


Expansive Horizon

Lake Stamford is 5,125 acres across, with views of vast horizons and smooth waters.


This lake offers plenty of things for residents to do. Residents can enjoy tanning by the shore, canoeing across the winding waters, and even take a boating trip via the marina. Anglers can enjoy catches such as sunfish and white crappie.


Visit Wichita Falls

Visitors to Wichita Falls can enjoy many spaces in this natural paradise.


One such place is the River Bend Nature Center, where visitors can connect to the surrounding environment through entertaining and educational activities such as the butterfly garden.


While there are plenty of natural endeavors for visitors’ to partake in, the cities namesake is a must-see. The original Wichita Falls were washed away in a flood in the 1800s, replaced now by the 54-foot humanmade falls. The falls that now sit in Lucy Park provide beauty for visitors far and near.


Come Home to Luxury

If you’re seeking luxurious living with access to many different lakeside amenities, there’s no beating Lake Stamford.