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Hi! I'm Jaime LeBlanc, your Watts Bar Lake expert. I earned my real estate license in 2014 after spending years in the health care field. Since then I've won several awards both for production and quality service.


Most of my fondest memories are of growing up and living on the lake. I now work to help others find the same happiness that the lake has brought me. I have spent years learning every nook and cranny of this lake as well as TVA rules and regulations that you'll need when shopping for your dream home.


I can show you homes by boat as my family and I live on Watts Bar. In my free time, I enjoy golfing, fishing, and taking our pontoon boat out for spins on the lake.


Let me help you find your perfect lake home.


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Jaime  LeBlanc

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About Watts Bar Lake

Watts Bar Lake is situated in the heart of the Tennessee River Valley midway between Knoxville and Chattanooga. Watts Bar is one of the South's largest lakes at 39,000 acres, it extends just over 72 miles between Watts Bar Dam and Fort Loudon Dam with the maximum depth being approximately 70 feet near the dams. The lake was created in 1942 and is regulated by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).


The principal tributaries are the Tennessee River and Clinch River with the Emory River also flowing directly into the Clinch River. It is surrounded by Loudon, Roane, Rhea, and Meigs Counties. All along the banks of Watts bar one can find cabin and house boat rentals as well as other lake lodging.


Many of the Watts Bar Lake marinas offer fishing boat, pontoon boat, jet ski and houseboat rentals and for those who just can't get enough of the water, several new high-end, residential developments allow residents to live right on its edge.


Fishermen especially enjoy Watts Bar Lake and the abundance of world class fishing that includes many species of fish such as black bass (both small and large mouth), white bass, spotted bass, white and black-nose crappie, striper, rock fish, sunfish, catfish, and even sauger. The lake even holds the world-record skipjack herring, weighing in at four pounds and was caught in 2004.


With Knoxville to the east, Chattanooga to the west, and relaxed lake living in between, Watts Bar Lake has it all!