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The largest community along the North Shore of Lake Superior - on your way toward Canada from Duluth - is Two Harbors. At around 3,500 residents, its rowdy atmosphere and beginnings as a port city of the late 1800s is much calmer today, making it a well established and respected place to live just up the shore from Duluth. You can find waterfront real estate throughout the region, both in the form of year-round homes and seasonal lakeshore cabins.

Beaver Bay, less than a half hour further north, is the original settlement along Superior's North Shore, dating back to the 1850s. A hub for logging and other industry of the day, it attracted a hearty collection of individuals who hoped to make their fortunes in this rugged land on the coast of the massive lake. A few miles north of here is the community of Silver Bay, which was born as a mining town in the 1950s, yet has grown larger than its sister city to the south because of the massive influx of residents it initially attracted.

The landscape along this area of Lake Superior is a combination of awesome cliffs, jagged rocks and gentle slopes, where waterfront homes share a common element of incredible lake views and unique surroundings. There is an obvious sense of pride and independence seen in those who live here year-round, knowing that they carry a toughness needed to weather the elements along this unforgiving coast.

A popular destination for summer visitors in search of excellent hiking, sightseeing and exploring opportunities, you will find a wide variety of attractive accommodations along the water's edge to meet their needs. Many of these are townhouse communities where lake property owners can have their units professionally managed and rented out when they are not using them, earning a reasonable income back from their investments. Widely known natural attractions such as Gooseberry Falls, Split Rock Lighthouse and Caribou Falls all have their own state parks that help to draw large crowds to the area each year.

But the inland areas of Southern Lake County also draw real estate shoppers to their pristine lakes and rivers who are searching for properties in the heart of the wilderness. The Superior National Forest and Finland State Forest provide an abundance of public lands just south of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, yet private property is intermixed with these undeveloped and densely forested lands for the ultimate in solitude. Small hamlets such as Finland and Isabella appear as hideouts amongst this mostly untouched area, and residents here live off of fortitude and ingenuity to make their living in this largely uninhabited land.

To find out more about lakefront and riverfront properties all along the mid coast of Lake Superior and the inland lakes of Lake County, just contact us or our local real estate experts.


  • Beaver Bay
  • Finland
  • Illgen City
  • Isabella
  • Knife River
  • Larsmont
  • Silver Bay
  • Two Harbors


  • Baptism River
  • Bone Lake
  • Christianson Lake
  • Clark Lake
  • Cloquet Lake
  • Coffee Lake
  • Dumbbell Lake
  • Greenwood Lake
  • Harriet Lake
  • Highland Lake
  • Kane Lake
  • Kawishiwi Lake
  • Knife River
  • Lake Superior
  • Lax Lake
  • Little Wilson Lake
  • Lost Lake
  • Marble Lake
  • McDougal Lake
  • Micmac Lake
  • Ninemile Lake
  • Perent Lake
  • Pine Lake
  • Sand Lake
  • Short Lake
  • Silver Island Lake
  • Sister Lake
  • Square Lake
  • Stewart Lake
  • Stony Lake
  • Sullivan Lake
  • Tanner Lake
  • Thomas Lake
  • Wampus Lake
  • Whitefish Lake
  • Wilson Lake
  • Windy Lake

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