Park Rapids / Nevis / Akeley, Minnesota

About the Area

Park Rapids sits between the popular resort destinations of Leech Lake and Detroit Lakes, and on the western edge of Minnesota's dense forests. Just to its north is Itasca State Park, the most famous in Minnesota, and the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

At somewhat of a crossroads for tourism, you will find a busy downtown packed into a few interesting blocks. It's a great hang out for both full time and part time residents, many of whom spend extended vacations on the wide variety of area lakes. Although the region has its share of weekenders, its location tends to bring a large number of residents who call Park Rapids their summer home.

Waterfront real estate is found around most every bend from the tiny resort communities of Lake George and Emmaville, to the familiar lake towns of Akeley and Nevis to the east. This vast core of lakes forces roads to constantly meander around well known water bodies like Potato Lake, Crow Wing Lakes, Fish Hook Lake and Lake BelleTaine.

The Park Rapids Area retains a special feeling that is hard to come by in many areas of Minnesota these days. While some popular vacation destinations from the past have become as congested as the places people try to get away from, Park Rapids and the communities that surround it have somehow held onto a slower, more relaxing pace. And the lake cabins and homes here have it, too.

If you are interested in more information about Park Rapids lakefront real estate, please contact our local real estate agent, Mike Mead.


  • Akeley
  • Badoura
  • Chamberlain
  • Deer Lane
  • Emmaville
  • Goldenrod
  • Horton
  • Lake George
  • Menagha
  • Nevis
  • Park Rapids
  • Two Inlets


  • Bad Axe
  • Bad Medicine Lake
  • Big Mantrap Lake
  • Big Sand Lake
  • Big Stoney Lake
  • Blue Lake
  • Blueberry Lake
  • Boot Lake
  • Boulder Lake
  • Crow Wing Chain
  • Deer Lake
  • Duck Lake
  • Eagle Lake
  • East Crooked Lake
  • Evergreen Lake
  • Fish Hook Lake
  • Ham Lake
  • Hinds Lake
  • Hungry Man Lake
  • Island Lake
  • Lake Belle Taine
  • Lake Emma
  • Lake George
  • Lake Gilmore
  • Lake Hattie
  • Lake Ida
  • Little Mantrap Lake
  • Little Sand
  • Long Lake
  • Lower Bottle Lake
  • Middle Crooked Lake
  • Moran Lake
  • Mow Lake
  • Nagle Lake
  • Ojibway Lake
  • Palmer Lake
  • Peysenske Lake
  • Pickeral Lake
  • Portage Lake
  • Potato Lake
  • Shallow Lake
  • Shell Lake
  • Spider Lake
  • Stocking Lake
  • Straight Lake
  • The Twin Lakes
  • Two Inlets Lake
  • Upper Bottle Lake
  • West Crooked Lake

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