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Steve Fuentes

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I have been helping my clients grow and prosper financially for 10+ years. I am a US Navy Vet and proud to live by our credo of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. I believe everyone should be able to achieve the American Dream. Owning your home is a great privilege and accomplishment. I take pride in walking each of my clients through the process of buying and selling their homes. My extensive financial background includes Investments, Insurance, Banking Products, Credit, and Mortgages. My project Management skills are a plus when it comes to helping navigate and coordinate buying and selling your home. I also know how to communicate with many different types of personalities. I am fun loving and down to earth. I know how to put things in terms everyone can understand. Buying and Selling your home should be a fun and exciting experience. I am here to make sure that it is.


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See All Listings on Lake Wylie.

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Steve  Fuentes

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Featured Lake Homes

About Lake Wylie

Gorgeous Waterfronts and Convenient Location

Lake Wylie, a man-made lake in North Carolina and South Carolina run by Duke Power, is the second oldest lake in the Catawba River chain. It is protected by the Catawba River Keepers Foundation, an environmental organization dedicated to preserving the Catawba River and its natural resources, as well as keeping its waters clean and free of pollution. Only minutes from Charlotte and the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, Lake Wylie has impressive depths of up to 94 feet. With coverage of 13,443 acres and 325 miles of shoreline, there is plenty to do and see. The power company manages the water levels well, preventing radical fluctuations.


Plenty of Wildlife

Part of Lake Wylie's eastern waters bank the McDowell Nature Preserve, the ideal place for camping, hiking, fishing and various forms of recreation as well as wildlife observation. The gorgeous landscapes showcase incredible backdrops of natural beauty in all four distinct seasons.


Haven for Game Fish

An abundance of largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and channel catfish, is bound to attract anglers of all experience levels. Lake Wylie hosts multiple annual fishing tournaments including the USC Bass Open.


Lots of Local Attractions

Because Lake Wylie is located in three different counties (York, SC; Gaston, NC; Mecklenberg, NC), the variety of events and attractions are diverse and refreshing. Festivals, music, parades and excellent eateries will keep your appetite for adventure and exploration well satisfied.


A Place of Community

With 3 sailing clubs, several golf courses and shorelines dotted with lakefront homes, Lake Wylie is rich in community. Lake Wylie provides a vibrant and thriving lifestyle for every walk of life and is the ideal investment choice for both full family fun and serene solitude.