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The west end of Lake Minnetonka doesn't look too far away on the map. But living on Enchanted Point can add a few minutes to your route each day, as the road seems to wind on forever around bays and juttings of land in all directions. It truly is somewhat "enchanted," when you reach your destination.

With more than 20 reasonably large bays, Lake Minnetonka is a hugely popular destination for cruising by boat. Most of these bays are in the western half of the lake, so lakefront homeowners here are continuously entertained by this water-based parade that moves in and out of the channels and narrows that connect them all. However, fishing doesn't take a back seat to these mega-cruisers; the makeup of the lake creates some of the best bass fishing anywhere, among other species.

Western Lake Minnetonka homes are typically more affordable than their counterparts on the east end of the lake. The smaller lots in Mound and Spring Park are not as conducive to enormous structures, but many who have built these creatively designed lake homes have used every inch of the property available to them. It seems that those who live here do so because of the lake, and they would rather spend their time enjoying the water than mowing an expansive lawn.

On the outer edges of the Lake Minnetonka's west end, there is a more rural and tranquil atmosphere. The communities of Shorewood, Minnetrista and Orono have maintained a less dense development standard, and large wooded yards are plentiful along the shores of the lake. You can find an eclectic and plentiful offering of homes from all ages and sizes to suit your needs.

Our Lake Minnetonka experts can tell you all about the home values in the western end of the lake. Just give them a call or email for a quick response.


  • Island Park
  • Minnetrista
  • Mound
  • Navarre
  • Orono (West)
  • Shorewood
  • Spring Park
  • Tonka Bay


  • Carman Bay
  • Cooks Bay
  • Covering Phelps Bay
  • Dutch Lake
  • Forest Lake
  • Halsted Bay
  • Harrison Bay
  • Jennings Bay
  • Langdon Lake
  • Long Lake
  • Maxwell Bay
  • North Arm
  • Ox Yoke Lake
  • Priest Bay
  • Saunders Lake
  • Spring Park Bay
  • Stubbs Bay
  • West Arm
  • Whaletail Lake

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