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As our name has become more recognizable throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, it has made our agents' jobs much easier. With nearly all buyers - and a majority of sellers - now using the Internet to find the right property or real estate agent, they can't help but find us in their search for lakeshore and recreational properties. We have a strong story, with a unique differentiation, that helps our agents stand out from the competition in a way that no other company can!

"Whatever revisions you made to the website worked! Even in the down market I have had great success with website generated leads, but after you updated the website those leads have more than quadrupled. I now receive an average of one quality lead every day, and many of those have turned into sales. On the sellers' side, having the ability to present the thousands of visits to the websites each day has made a big difference in many listing presentations, and separates us from the traditional realty companies that sellers also interview. A year ago, I had thought of doing a different line of work, but now, thanks to the website improvements, I have all the work I can handle and am even considering hiring another agent for my area. Keep up the good work!"

Chris DuBose - Chisago Lakes and Western WI has a branding in waterfront real estate that no one - not even the largest regional companies - can compete with. We are not only at the top of almost every waterfront related search on Google, Yahoo, and countless other search engines, but we easily obtain serious buyer leads from these capabilities and pass them on to the agents at no cost to them. It is a concept totally different from most any other company in Minnesota or Wisconsin, and one that allows the agents at to achieve great success!

"I just wanted to let you know that whatever you are doing with the website is working! I have received three referrals from other agents across the country. One buyer has purchased, one I am working with and actually just called me while I was typing this and said he wants to write an offer on a property I showed him last week! The other one will be in the area at the end of the month. So Thanks for all the hard work and time you have invested into and your agents like me!!!"

Terri Haapoja - Grand Rapids

Our agents not only have excellent results in obtaining waterfront listings...but also in getting them sold because of our extensive niche marketing. It is just very difficult for other agents to compete with us in this arena.

"I just wanted to let you know a little bit about how has worked for me as an agent. I hardly ever spend a dollar advertising my listings in all of Northern Minnesota, because the daily views on my listings are incredible. When you have a niche presence and exposure like our website does, it is much easier to prove to sellers that you are getting results, without running expensive print ads constantly.

I had the New York Times contact me twice to do a write-up on two of my listings they saw on the internet, and I get buyers from all across the country emailing and calling about Rainy Lake properties on a steady basis. It's all about exposure on the net and we have it. I normally have 30 listings and have had up to 50!! People see our ranking on the internet and the decision who to list with becomes easy. The hits keep coming! Thanks for keeping us in first place."

Brent Bocnuk, Rainy Lake

If you are looking for unique way to differentiate yourself in your real estate career, you might find it in To find out more information about our company, just send us an email or give Dan a call at 866-327-9889.

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