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Glenn S. Phillips, CEO
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Speaking Topics

CEO Glenn S. Phillips is available to speak on a number of topics, including (but not limited to) the topics listed below.

NOTE: If you don’t see the exact topic you find interesting, call us at (205) 985-2991 and let’s discuss. We have a wealth of unique business and real estate information and data.


Any group with interest in high-growth businesses, startups, and/or real estate (including economic, business model, and technology-related aspects).  This may include:

  • Business, Marketing, and Trade Associations
  • Realtor® Associations (National, State, Local)
  • Real Estate Management and Brokers
  • Entrepreneurs and Start-Up Company Management
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Business Advisors
  • Business Students

Don’t Waste the Opportunity: Leveraging Mentors, Investors, and Co-Leaders 

“If you NEED inspiration to build a business (or just do your job), one day you’ll probably be replaced by robots.” ~ Glenn S. Phillips

  • Most successful entrepreneurs gladly share how important others were in their success.
    • What they rarely explain is HOW that worked!
  • Inspiration from “the successful” is fine, but actionable guidance is what is really valuable.
  • Business advice is easy to come by.  Mentors, books, coaches, peers, and friends all have guidance on how to build a business. But how should you approach all this information to make it not only useful but powerful.
  • Understand:
    • Coachability
    • You know you can say, “No”
    • The Power of Reporting
    • The Numbers Never Lie
    • When NOT to Seek Funding
    • What Every Seat at the Table MUST Bring
    • Unfair Advantages
    • Rules of Engagement

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The Secrets of Real Estate No One Talks About

“Most real estate companies are NOT in the real estate business. They are in the real estate AGENT business.” ~ Glenn S. Phillips

  • In recent years, the real estate industry has become a battlefield of business models and technology.
  • Missing in these discussions are a handful of fundamental business model and industry secrets that no one is really talking about.
  • When deciding whether or not to enter the real estate industry, CEO Glenn S. Phillips and his team did a deep dive into the current business models and possible futures of real estate, and in doing so found a number of secrets that live right before our eyes (yet no one talks about them).
    • How real estate brokerages are not really in the real estate business.
    • Why Silicon Valley can’t eliminate real estate agents (and not just because Gary Keller said so).
    • How “vanity numbers” distort real estate business models and fool millions of people.
    • How Uber drivers (but not Uber) may change real estate forever.
    • What real estate agents can do to ensure their survival as the industry changes (and it is going to have big changes).
  • Once you hear this clear insight into the real estate industry, you’ll never look at the real estate industry the same again.

A Different Take on the Future of Real Estate

“The battle in the real estate industry between Brick-and-Mortar vs Silicon Valley has been long-running, and won’t be ending any time soon.” ~ Glenn S. Phillips

Insight from the CEO of One of the Fastest Growing Real Estate Brokerages in the Country.

  • In real estate, is the future Zillow, OpenDoor, Redfin, and the like … or it it a tech-driven evolution of brick-and-mortar brokerages?
  • iBuying has been “all the rage” in the media, and most big brokerages are now operating iBuyer programs. Is this really the future, or just a fancy version of home-flipping”
  • With all the knowledge available online now, why has For-Sale-By-Owner STILL not grown significant market share?
  • What is the future of reduced-commission brokerages and flat-fee brokerages (and why have they not become more dominant)?
  • There are more than 1.5 million Realtors®, yet most earn less than under-paid school teachers. Why? And is this viable in the future?
  • With the merging of traditional real estate and data-based websites, how can home buyers and sellers be prepared to avoid fooling themselves (or being fooled by others)?

What Will Real Estate Look Like in 2022? NO ONE KNOWS, but…

“Economic and real estate forecasting algorithms are all designed using history. None were designed for a pandemic economy. Anyone who claims they ‘know’ the 2022 economy is pulling that forecast out of there #SS”. ~ Glenn S. Phillips

  • As proven by the last real estate bubble and bust, real estate as a market impacts us all, be it directly or indirectly. But the Covid-19 pandemic is NOT the same economic crisis.
  • Learn:
    • In plain English, why the real estate markets may head up or may head down?
    • Is now the best time to sell .. or to buy?
    • Is there another BIG real estate boom or bust coming?
      • The answer: No and No
      • Learn the 5 specific reasons why a boom-bust is not approaching.
    • What are leading and trailing real estate markets, and how do they influence each other?
    • What new things should home buyers and home sellers be aware of in the near future?

Want the Secrets of Your Industry? Drive 60,000 Miles to have 500 Conversations

“There are secrets in data about human behavior, but those banking on analytics only are missing the real opportunities.” ~ Glenn S. Phillips

  • In building one of the fastest growing companies in the country (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 Inc. 5000), CEO Glenn Phillips hit the road.
  • Traveling 60,000 miles by car (plus more by plane), Glenn has met with almost 500 real estate agents across dozens of states in both small private meetings and one-on-one meetings. (And this does not begin to include the hundreds of hours of telephone conversations.)
  • These multi-hour meetings provide amazing insight that is beyond surveys, focus-groups, and data-mining.
  • Hear the lessons learned, the surprises found, and what it takes to build a high-growth business in the ever-merging world of tech and people.

The Real Reasons the Internet Has Not Killed Off Real Estate Agents

“Silicon Valley and venture capital are earning millions from real estate agents, while they spend millions to put those same agents out of business.”  ~ Glenn S. Phillips

  • Today you can find and buy groceries, books, clothes, and almost any other item online. In some cases, the old brick-and-mortar business, such as travel agents and video rentals, have ceased to exist.
  • In other instances, the traditional retailers are rapidly loosing market share to the online companies, be it Amazon or the millions of small online specialty stores.
  • Contrary to the trend of business moving to online tools, there were 400,000 more licensed real estate agents in 2021 over 2015.
    • Why is this?
    • Is this good for real estate?
    • Is this good for the home buyers and sellers?
    • What does the future hold?
  • Learn the rarely discussed (but very real) reasons why real estate professionals have been insulated from a “tech takeover” by Silicon Valley.
    • Learn how we built a rapidly growing, multi-state business while embracing this reality.

Lessons from Building a Business (or Team) where Leadership Sleeps Together

“Working together is not about who is right. It is about a genuine willingness to be wrong if it helps you be successful together.”  ~ Glenn S. Phillips

  • Lake Homes Realty is one of the fastest growing companies in the country (Recognized the last five consecutive years on the Inc. 5000 (2017 to 2021)).
  • Glenn S. Phillips and Doris Phillips - Lake Homes Realty The management team driving this growth is CEO Glenn Phillips and COO Doris Phillips, also known as MR. and MRS. PHILLIPS.
  • Their lessons are not just for spouses in business, but valuable to ANY LEADERSHIP TEAM, be it managing a company, growing a real estate team, or creating a new start-up in any industry.
    • 1 + 1 = 3  (or 5 or 10)
    • Divide and Conquer
    • Stay in Your Lane
    • Conflict Navigation
    • Jointly Managing Staff
    • Resolving Differences of Opinions
    • Making the Hard Decisions
    • Mindfulness is Required
    • Maintaining Trust
    • The Unique Relationship Blessings (for those who will notice them)
    • Avoiding Relationship Burn-Out
    • Reinventing Yourselves (and Your Business)

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The Future of Multiple Listing Services – Lessons Learned by Joining 132 MLSs

“Most brokerages can only see a small slice of the real estate market. Yet it takes scale to reveal the best answers.”  ~ Glenn S. Phillips

  • Most brokerages only join their one (or two) local Multiple Listing Services (MLSs). And it is a one-time event that, for many brokerages, took place years ago.
    • This means these brokerages are essentially blind to trends, application problems, or how one MLS’s service compares to another.
  • Lake Homes Realty has exploded onto the real estate scene. Now licensed in 34 states as a full-service brokerage, the company has also joined 132 Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) in the last seven years.
  • Tracking both human service and technical capabilities, Lake Homes Realty has a very unique insight into the trends, challenges, and obstacles facing MLSs, brokerages, consumers, and the entire real estate industry.


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Glenn S. Phillips – Speaker Bio  (Short Version)

Glenn S. Phillips is the CEO of Lake Homes Realty (, one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the country, recognized five straight years Inc. 5000 (2017 to 2021).

As a tech-enabled services company, Lake Homes Realty operates a unique, highly-virtual yet full-service brokerage, currently licensed in 34 states, all wholly-owned with no franchising.

Glenn graduated from Auburn University in Computer Engineering.  He and his wife, Lake Home Realty’s COO Doris Phillips, live in Hoover, Alabama.

Glenn S. Phillips –  Speaker Bio  (Long-Winded Version)

** NOTE: Please Edit for What Is Actually Useful Info (as this is admittedly too long-winded and expectant of good editing)

Glenn S. Phillips appreciates a good pun and dark chocolate. He occasionally plays a really ugly tuba, complete with a bullet hole.

Glenn is the CEO of Lake Homes Realty (, one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the country (ranked five straight years on the Inc. 5000 (2017 to 2021)).  

Often incorrectly labeled “an online brokerage,” the company is more accurately a tech-enabled services firm.  The company operates using a unique, highly-virtual yet full-service brokerage model.

Currently, Lake Homes Realty operates wholly-owned licensed real estate brokerage in 34 states (and rapidly growing across the country), with no franchising.

Glenn also serves as the company’s lead real estate market analyst, leveraging his experience with data and his hundreds of face-to-face meetings with real estate professionals across the country.

Various media outlets quote Glenn from time-to-time. This includes:

Glenn enjoys public speaking, which he believes is appropriate since his wife Doris says, “He has lots of words.”​

His national speaking engagements include:

  • National Association of Realtors (NAR) Annual Conference
  • Inman Connect San Francisco
  • Inman Connect New York
  • Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) Conferences
  • National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) Spring Conferences
  • Impact Agent University Conference

Nerd-to-English - Book Front CoverOf Note:

  • The Birmingham Business Journal named Glenn as 2019 CEO of the Year.
  • Glenn is the author of the book, “Nerd to English: Your Everyday Guide to Translating Your Business, Your Messages, and Your Life.”
  • Prior to Lake Homes Realty, Glenn founded and led Forte’ Incorporated, a custom software and data systems firm. The firm was recognized as Microsoft International Partner of the Year in Data Management Systems.
  • Harvard University, Auburn University, Birmingham Business Journal, Dell, Microsoft, and a host of others have recognized his teams for excellence in technical innovation and marketing success.
  • Glenn earned a Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree from Auburn University, and now serves as a member of the Entrepreneurship Advisory Council for that University’s College of Business.

Glenn and his wife, Lake Home Realty’s COO Doris Phillips, live in Hoover, Alabama with two rescue dogs and the half-tailed cat he found on the side of the road near their office.

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