Are your listings accurate?

Yes, listing information on is very accurate and up-to-date.

We continually update our listing database daily, directly from a large number of Multiple Listing Services (MLSs).

Unlike real estate web portals that may depend on third-party data sources, Lake Homes Realty is a licensed real estate brokerage. As such, we join Multiple Listing Services as full brokerage members.

In each MLS, real estate agents are typically bound by very specific rules for maintaining the accuracy of their listings in their respective MLS. This leads to very accurate and current listing information.

How do I correct errors in my listing? obtains listing data directly from a number of Multiple Listing Services (MLSs), all of which we are full brokerage members.

If there is an error in the listing details or description, the listing agent of that specific property is responsible for correcting any errors.

Within a few hours to one day, corrections in the MLS should be processed and displayed on

We cannot make changes to the listings of other brokerages, even if you notify us of an error. All brokerages and agents that are members of any given MLS are prohibited from altering information of listings by other agents.