The Golden Years: 5 Reasons to Retire at the Lake

Work a job you love for about 40 years, cash in on a healthy 401K and retire. It’s the final step of the American dream.

Social security, budgeting, health insurance: there’s a lot that goes into it. Ultimately, though, the goal is to comfortably spend one’s golden years in pure, labor-less bliss.

That means relaxation and peace, so what better place to spend it than at the lake?

We’ve come up with five solid reasons to consider making a lake home your permanent residence for life after retirement.

The “Blue Mind” Effect

silhouette of woman doing yoga by the lakeIt’s the reason so many people think of their lake home as an “escape” from normal life. The blue mind effect is responsible for the almost immediate feeling of zen people experience when near the lake or ocean.

Marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols describes it as “a mildly meditative, relaxed state that we find ourselves in when we are in, on or under water.”

Physiologically, our brains and bodies undergo a shift when we step away from high-stress, fast-paced environments and step into nature.

The blue mind effect is known to lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety.

Not only does it help us relax, but the very quality of our thoughts changes, producing more “introspective and self-referential” thought processes.

Stress is one of the biggest enemies to any immune system. However, being surrounded by nature such as the lake greatly reduces the chances you’ll fall victim to any number of the health problems stress causes.

Entertainment for the Whole Family

For many, the grandparents’ house is the go-to place for family gatherings. Put that house on a lake, and the kids and grandkids have just one more reason to come visit.

Whether it be for some summertime fun in the sun, or sipping warm drinks around the fireplace at Christmas, entertainment opportunities are endless.

The lake house is great for hosting bonfires, birthday parties and cookouts. And don’t forget fishing, swimming, sailing, kayaking and water skiing.

The Great Outdoors

Retirement is a great time to discover a new hobby. Consider trying your hand at hiking, canoeing or golfing.

If you’re an angler at heart, there’s more than enough game to go around. Bass, crappie and perch thrive in freshwater environments all around the country.

Many lake communities are surrounded by breathtaking wilderness like mountains, waterfalls and a variety of wildlife. So if you’d rather hold a camera than a fishing pole, photography is a great choice.

Take advantage of those scenic views, and your portfolio and Facebook wall will be filled in no time.

In a Land Far, Far Away

Privacy. Seclusion. Sanity.

Whatever you want to call it, being far enough away from the chaos of the outside world can serve you in more ways than one.

Unlike living within city limits, you don’t have to worry about falling asleep to the sound of car horns, and five o’clock traffic is non-existent.

There’s nothing more relaxing than waking up to the sound of birds chirping in the morning, or watching the sun set over the water. Rest easy under a night sky full of stars and feel confident that you’re a good distance away from big city mayhem.

You Deserve It

elderly couple hugging next to lake-sm

Last but not least, the final reason to retire at the lake is simple: you just…can.

The thousands of hours you’ve clocked, the kids you’ve raised, the bosses you’ve endured and the millions of times you’ve been stuck in traffic all say you’ve earned it.

Now is a great time to kick your feet up and just enjoy life.

Lake living is easy.

Its calming effect is priceless, there’s tons to do, and the privacy of it all is too good an opportunity to pass up.

At the end of the day, the number one reason to retire at the lake is you simply owe it to yourself to enjoy this part of your life.

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