Lake-Inspired Gift Baskets

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Regardless of whether or not you celebrate Easter, the gifts associated with this holiday are instantly recognizable. Peeps, chocolate rabbits, robin’s egg candies, and the all-encompassing gift basket. Gift baskets are incredibly versatile, whether it’s a “welcome to the company” assortment of sweets or an “I’m sorry” message expressed through Edible Arrangements. The versatility of gift baskets makes them easy to customize to the recipient. Plus, creating them can be fun! If you need a gift for a lake lover, try tailoring a gift basket to their favorite lake hobbies. Here’s some inspiration for creating gift baskets for your loved ones who love the lake.

For the One Who Loves Fishing

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If you know any anglers, you know that they’re nowhere to be found on a sunny summer afternoon. That’s because they spend hours in a canoe, hoping to reel in a fish. A gift basket of outdoorsy snacks in a cute fishing basket is the perfect gift for these friends. They’ll need some fuel while they’re on the water.

For the One Who’s Always the Host/Hostess

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Whether it’s Thanksgiving, game day, or another event, many of us like to host guests at our lake home. But the hosts and hostesses in your life need some relaxation too. The gift baskets that will suit them the most contain delectable goods like wines and cheeses. This time, you’re bringing the party to them!

For the One with the Green Thumb

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Many of us lake lovers have impressive gardens in our backyards. When it comes to native plants and landscaping solutions, these friends seem to have all the answers. To make things a little easier for them, create a gift basket with some of the latest gardening tools. Your gardener pal will undoubtedly appreciate a nice new pair of gloves, an extra shovel, and a packet of seeds for a new plant.

For the One Who’s Always Crafting

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Do you have a friend who’s always in the middle of a creative craft project? Whether it’s creating DIY decor for their lake home or stitching a sofa cover together, some people are simply crafty. For this person, a gift basket full of supplies from Michael’s or Blick would be perfect.

For the One Who Never Leaves the Porch

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There’s something about front porches that evoke a sense of relaxation, especially with a beautiful view of the lake. If your friend typically goes to the lake solely for the cozy porch experience, put together a gift basket that screams “hygge.” Your friend will love a combination of books, mugs, and soft blankets for those misty mornings enjoying a cup of coffee.

For The One Getting Lost in the Woods

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Some lake-dwellers spend more time getting lost in the woods than they do at their lake house. When preparing a gift basket for your hiking-fanatic friends, an assortment of trail snacks is a great option. They’ll definitely appreciate beef jerky, toasted almonds, and other outdoorsy favorites.

For the One Who’s Always Taking Pics

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Since lakeside surroundings are so beautiful, many lake homeowners are hobby photographers. For your friend who’s always taking pictures, get them a gift basket that caters to this pursuit. If they already own a nice camera, add an inexpensive Polaroid camera to the basket so they can capture more moments instantly!

For the Family Game Night Champion

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Lake houses are all about relaxation, family, friends, and fun. In this spirit, game night is a popular lake home activity that spans across every season. For the one who’s always challenging the group to another round of Scrabble, a gift basket of games is a perfect choice! From card games to board games, they’ll surely appreciate the assortment.

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