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Fall Lawn Care – Prepare Your Yard for Sping

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lakeside lawn in the fallAutumn is just around the corner, and while you may not know it now is the absolute best time to take care of your lawn and prepare it for the following spring.

Before getting settled in to a routine of watching football all weekend, get outside and consider the following fall lawn care tips.

Remember, give your yard some attention now and you (and the yard) will be happy come springtime.

Fire up the mower and drop the blade.

Many people tend to slack a bit on the mowing once fall rolls around. Mowing is not just for short term cosmetic purposes but also for keeping a healthy lawn for years to come.

By dropping the blade down it will allow sunlight to reach the crown of the grass, and this will help the grass through the long winter months.

Buy a good rake.

To some people this is no fun task, but it can be if you know that you’re lawn will love you for it. Often times, people wait until all the leaves have fallen from the trees before venturing outside. They think that they’re saving themselves time and trouble by doing it in one fell swoop.

The problem is that too many leaves blanketing the ground forms an impenetrable layer, ultimately suffocating the grass. It becomes that much worse when the leaves become wet. Fungus can also form on the grass, destroying it.

If you absolutely despise raking, consider using a lawnmower that is equipped with a vacuum system and a collection bag. A leafblower is another alternative.

Poke holes in your lawn.

Now that you’ve continued to mow and worked hard to rake your leaves, it’s time to poke some holes in the lawn.

This helps to aerate the soil so that oxygen, water, and fertilizer can get down into the roots of the grass. Some people prefer to hire out for this job if they have a large lawn.

Add Fertilizer.

For those who don’t know what rhizomes are, they are part of the grass stem that lie just beneath the surface of the soil. It is the rhizomes that actually produce the blades of grass that we enjoy looking at and walking on in the spring and summer months.

Fall is the prime time to fertilize your lawn and get the proper nutrients to those rhizomes. If you do it before the winter freeze, your grass will be all ready by the time the spring thaw rolls around. Look for fertilizers that are specifically labeled for fall use.

Tackle those weeds.

Again, another misconception most people have is to fight the weeds in the spring when they pop up. In actuality, the best time is in the fall when the weeds are trying to drink everything that comes to them.

Spray them down with weed killer in the fall and they won’t be making an appearance in the spring.

Drain those lines in your irrigation system.

Is your lawn set up with an irrigation system? If so, a good practice to get into is to remove water from it by using compressed air, or if there is a drain valve then that will work too.

Simply turn the water off and drain each zone separately. Don’t forget to drain the main supply that comes from the house. This will prevent ice from building up and rupturing the lines.

While it my seem inconvenient now, following these steps in the fall will lead to a healthier and easier to maintain lawn once next spring rolls around!


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