West Lake - Taylorville


West Lake - Taylorville, Illinois

The West Lake - Taylorville real estate market is a tight inventory marketplace for lake property in Illinois.

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    About West Lake - Taylorville
    Taylorville, Illinois

    West Lake is nestled in Taylorville, Illinois, under 40 miles from Springfield.

    The Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport is under 35 miles away, and the Taylorville Memorial Hospital is 2.9 miles away, making care and travel easily accessible to residents.

    Shopping can be done at Grand Plaza and residents can enjoy local flavors such as Bill’s Toasty Shop and Nesty’s Burger Joint.

    Small Wonder

    While West Lake is a relatively small lake, residents can easily make themself comfortable on the sparkling waters.

    Whether you are an angler looking to cast your line into the ice in pursuits of bass and walleye, or you are looking to enjoy the lakeside amenities in the summer, West Lake has plenty to offer its residents.

    Visit Springfield

    Springfield, the capital of Illinois, is a historical hotspot with many activities for its visitors.

    Those seeking a new perspective on history can explore the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in hi-tech exhibits, interactive displays, and programs of many different types of media.

    If you’re looking for a more authentic, classic grasp on history, you can visit Lincoln’s actual home. Abraham Lincoln lived in this home with his family for 17 years before being called to the White House.

    Explore the World Around You

    If you’re looking for a lakeside home surrounded by historic townscape and attractions, West Lake may be the place for you!