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From a concept in the late 1980s, Dan & Sandy Anderson built a successful real estate business by focusing only on waterfront properties. By the mid 1990s, the Internet began to take hold, and Lakehomes.com was born.

For many years the niche website acted as a their personal marketing venue, attracting both buyers and sellers through a medium that hadn't existed just a few years earlier. But as the online real estate industry flourished, Lakehomes.com became the driving force behind the formation of Lakehomes.com Realty, which began to expand quickly across Minnesota and into Western Wisconsin.

By offering a unique differentiation in this highly targeted area of real estate, agents who had a passion for waterfront and recreational properties came on board. Many of these agents realized right away how powerful the Lakehomes.com name and web presence was for them. With incredibly strong search engine results, the company was able to drive a steady stream of highly targeted prospective buyers to view company listings, giving agents and sellers the type of marketing strength that wasn't available anywhere else.

Our Agent RosterToday, Lakehomes.com has taken on a new direction. Although Lakehomes.com Realty is still a large part of the operation, the company has also chosen to partner with specialized agents and brokers from other real estate companies to make the brand even stronger. With nearly every serious buyer searching the Internet for listings and other real estate information, Lakehomes.com intends to give them more than anyone else in regards to waterfront and recreational real estate. And by teaming up with these localized professionals throughout many new areas, Lakehomes.com will be – without question – the one place where both buyers and sellers can find the specialized information and marketing expertise they need.

Lakehomes.com is much more than just another waterfront website. Although we were the first one, there are plenty of online locations to view waterfront properties – and any type of real estate these days. But even today, Lakehomes.com continues to be one of the most popular destinations for lakefront and riverfront buyers because of its strong web presence, vast array of information, and knowledgeable real estate professionals. That is something that won't change!

To find out more about Lakehomes.com or Lakehomes.com Realty, feel free to contact us at info@lakehomes.com or 866-327-9889. Or, just get ahold of any of our Affiliate Agents to help you with your real estate needs.


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