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It takes about two hours to travel from Duluth, Minnesota to the northern parts of the Twin Cities on Interstate 35. Those who need frequent access to both metropolitan areas because of work or family commitments often search for real estate somewhere along that corridor. The many lakes and rivers in and around Carlton County are an ideal fit for waterfront buyers with those criteria in mind.

Just to the south and west of Duluth, the St. Louis River winds its last few legs on its journey to Lake Superior. It is a scenic waterway, composed of gorges and fascinating landscapes, with homes and cabins concealed along its densely wooded banks. Quite small until its confluence with the Whiteface River north of Floodwood, it quickly grows into a more navigable waterway as it continues south past Cloquet and into Spirit Lake, then emptying into Lake Superior.

Cloquet sits at the northern end of Carlton County, just about fifteen miles west of Duluth. With a population of around 11,000 residents, it maintains a varied industrial and commercial base for residents who live and work here, but also acts as a bedroom community to the larger Duluth metropolitan area. The lakes in the area aren't huge, but several in the 200 to 500 acre range, such as Park Lake, Chub Lake and Big Lake are great for skiing and fishing, and have good water clarity up to ten feet and beyond. A bit further west is Prairie Lake at over 800 acres, just over the St. Louis County line.

About fifteen miles to the south of Cloquet is the town of Barnum, which is located at the north end of a twenty mile long string of water bodies. These lakes are densely spaced, and cause the freeway to jog back and forth around them on its path. The communities of Moose Lake, Sturgeon Lake, Willow River, Finlayson and Sandstone are positioned along this patchwork of lakes, servicing area residents and visitors in search of the recreational opportunities that exist here throughout the year.

The largest of these water bodies is Sturgeon Lake, at about 1,500 acres, and it is a popular destination for lake cabin buyers who like reasonably large water bodies and good access to the freeway. Island Lake, Sand Lake, Oak Lake, Hanging Horn Lake, and Moosehead Lake, are also in this tight cluster, and each provide several hundred acres of water for a full array of lake activities. Many other smaller lakes are like speckles around the larger ones, giving options for waterfront real estate of all types here. There are also several more lakes on the south end of this string near Finlayson and Sandstone, for those who enjoy the easy access but want to be a little closer to the Minneapolis and St. Paul Area.

This waterfront market essentially crosses over Pine County and Carlton County, and two different multiple listing service areas. Depending on which company has a property listed here, it could be in the Duluth MLS or the Twin Cities MLS…or both. We have provided a direct link to listings from the Duluth MLS on this page, but you can also search for Pine County properties from the Twin Cities MLS. Or, just contact us or any of our local real estate specialists to help you with your waterfront property needs.


  • Atkinson
  • Barnum
  • Brookston
  • Bruno
  • Carlton
  • Cloquet
  • Cloverton
  • Cromwell
  • Duquette
  • Esko
  • Finlayson
  • Kettle River
  • Kingsdale
  • Mahtowa
  • Moose Lake
  • Nickerson
  • Rutledge
  • Sandstone
  • Sawyer
  • Scanlon
  • Sturgeon Lake
  • Willow River
  • Wrenshall
  • Wright


  • Big Lake
  • Big Pine Lake
  • Bob Lake
  • Chub Lake
  • Close Lake
  • Cole Lake
  • Cross Lake
  • Eagle Lake
  • Echo Lake
  • Elbow Lake
  • First Lake
  • Fish Lake
  • Hanging Horn Lake
  • Hay Lake
  • Island Lake
  • Kettle Lake
  • Kettle River
  • Lake Eleven
  • Lake Twelve
  • Little Hanging Horn Lake
  • Little Pine Lake
  • Logan Lake
  • Lords Lake
  • Miller Lake
  • Moose Lake
  • Moosehead Lake
  • Oak Lake
  • Park Lake
  • Perch Lake
  • Pine Lake
  • Prairie Lake
  • Sand Lake
  • Second Lake
  • St. Louis River
  • Sturgeon Lake
  • Tamarack Lake
  • Torchlight Lake
  • Upper Pin Lake
  • Venoah Lake
  • Willow River
  • Woodbury Lake
  • Zalesky Lake

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