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In Wright County, there is kind of dividing line between Twin Cities commuters and those that generally stay away from the busy lifestyle. That line, although somewhat imaginary, is somewhere around Buffalo running north and south.

Buffalo is a nice community with two large lakes - Lake Pulaski and Buffalo Lake - providing plenty of lakeshore real estate opportunities within the city limits. Pulaski, at 700 acres, has strong property values because of its clear water and excellent recreational attributes. It is mostly encircled by residential development on the north edge of town. Buffalo Lake is larger and borders the downtown business district, but the water quality is not as high.

To the north of Buffalo squeezed between the Mississippi River and Interstate 94, sits Monticello. It is now a busy stopping off point for commuters between St. Cloud and Minneapolis, and it has a wide variety of services to offer. Monticello also has an attractive downtown area that follows the contour of the river. There are several small lakes just to its west with good water quality, such as Lake Ida, Birch Lake, and Eagle Lake.

Closer to the Hennepin County border, on the eastern side of Wright County, is a cluster of small recreational lakes in the 100-200 acre range where several housing developments have been established over the last several years. Lake Charlotte sits among them with its 16 foot water clarity, as one of the clearest in the Twin Cities.

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  • Albertville
  • Buffalo
  • Monticello
  • Rockford
  • St. Michael


  • Abbie Lake
  • Albert Lake
  • Beebe Lake
  • Bertram Lake
  • Birch Lake
  • Black Lake
  • Bufallo Lake
  • Cedar Lake
  • Constance Lake
  • Cook Lake
  • Crawford Lake
  • Crow River
  • Dean Lake
  • Deer Lake
  • Eagle Lake
  • Fadden Lake
  • Foster Lake
  • Gilchrist Lake
  • Gonz Lake
  • Green Mountain Lake
  • Lake Charlotte
  • Lake Ida
  • Lake Martha
  • Lake Mary
  • Lake Pulaski
  • Lake Wilhelm
  • Lightfoot Lake
  • Long Lake
  • Melrose Lake
  • Mink Lake
  • Moore Lake
  • Mud Lake
  • North Lake
  • Paradise Lake
  • Pelican Lake
  • Pohl Lake
  • Schmidt Lake
  • School Lake
  • Sheridan Lake
  • Spotanski Lake
  • Steel Lake
  • Tamarack Lake
  • Twin Lakes
  • Uhl Lake
  • Varner Lake
  • Wagner Lake
  • Washington Lake

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