Swimming Safety Tips for Lake Home Owners

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Every lake home owner should know swimming safety tips. As long as you remember these swimming safety tips the lake is your best resource for staying cool and relaxing on hot day.

Be Prepared for Swimming Safety

Before swimming in a lake be sure to find out the depth and terrain of the area you are swimming in so you can prepare accordingly. Some bodies of water my be three feet deep then drop sharply to twenty feet in depth. Lake_Homes_Realty_Swimming_Safety_PFD

Be sure to have enough coast guard approved life vest for everyone who may need assistance to safely swim.

The Personal Flotation Device Manufacturers Association has a full listing and description of approved personal flotation devices (PFD).

Aside from floating in water one must also be prepared for walking around in the shallow areas. To avoid  stepping on unseen items, such as a rock or glass, it is wise to wear swim shoes in the lake.

Learn to Swim

Everyone who lives by the lake should learn how to swim properly. Finding a trained professional for age appropriate swim lessons is crucial to swimming safety.

Use a Buddy System

Swimming is a sport that is best to enjoy with a friend.Lake_Homes_Realty_Swimming_Safety_Buddy_System

Even the most skilled swimmers can run into unexpected difficulties, that require help, when swimming in lakes.

Children under twelve should never be around the water alone.

Also, be sure to have a sober adult watching children at all times.

Teach Swimming Safety 

Make sure to set specific swimming safety rules around your lake home that apply to all family members and guest.

Teach everyone your rules and be sure they understand breaking the rules violates their personal safety.

The America Red Cross has a detailed listing of useful tips and rules for safely swimming in lakes during the summer.

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