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For many years Annandale has served as an easy getaway for Twin Cities executives with busy schedules. Close enough to commute back and forth to Minneapolis, it can make for the perfect summer home -- even when you aren't on vacation!

Many of the lakes here are as good as those in Northern Minnesota. Lake Sylvia is the crown jewel with its 1,500 acres of sparkling clear waters and uniquely woodsy backdrop. As you can probably imagine, the lake properties on Sylvia also tend to have a price tag that goes with its Twin Cities proximity and its natural beauty.

But Annandale has an abundance of large lakes with good water quality, which is probably what keeps the prices somewhat in check. Sugar Lake, Cedar Lake, Lake Francis and Lake John are other favorite getaways in this Western Wright County Area. You will also find dozens of smaller lakes that vary in quality from excellent to marginal, and carrying all price tags.

If you like to be close to the business district, Pleasant Lake may be an option for you. The southern half of the lake sits right along the residential streets of the town, and gives a rich water accent to the community. But if you enjoy big water instead, you will find the granddaddy of all the area lakes just a few miles to the north, as Clearwater Lake extends over 3,000 acres in all directions, and then into the Clearwater River. Lakefront and riverfront cabins will become less expensive along the smaller water bodies to the north and west, around the communities of Kimball and Fairhaven.

If you don't want to travel quite as far as Annandale, Maple Lake provides great fishing and recreation just a few miles to the west of Buffalo. At almost 800 acres and with good water clarity, it is popular for both cabins and year-round homes. It tends to be a little less densely wooded than some of the lakes further west, but you can plant a lot of trees for the amount of gas you will save commuting. The city of Maple Lake sits at the west end of the lake, and you will find several other good lakes throughout the area.

There is a wide variety of waterfront real estate opportunities throughout Western Wright County. Contact any of our Annandale or Maple Lake real estate specialists to learn more.


  • Annandale
  • Clearwater
  • Fairhaven
  • Hasty
  • Kimball
  • Maple Lake
  • Silver Creek
  • South Haven


  • Albion Lake
  • Bass Lake
  • Bjorklund Lake
  • Bunt Lake
  • Camp Lake
  • Carnelian Lake
  • Carter Lake
  • Cedar Lake
  • Clearwater Lake
  • Clearwater River
  • Cornell Lake
  • Crooked Lake
  • Dallas Lake
  • Dans Lake
  • Days Lake
  • Edwards Lake
  • Ember Lake
  • Feldges Lake
  • Fish Lake
  • French Lake
  • Fuller Lake
  • Granite Lake
  • Grass Lake
  • Henshaw Lake
  • Hinz Lake
  • Hulbert Lake
  • Indian Lake
  • Island Lake
  • Lake Caroline
  • Lake Francis
  • Lake John
  • Lake Laura
  • Lake Louisa
  • Lake Maria
  • Lake Mary
  • Lake Sylvia
  • Limestone Lake
  • Little John Lake
  • Little Rock Lake
  • Locke Lake
  • Long Lake
  • Maple Lake
  • Maria Lake
  • Mary Lake
  • Maxim Lake
  • Mead Lake
  • Millstone Lake
  • Mink Lake
  • Moose Lake
  • Mud Lake
  • Mund Lake
  • Murray Lake
  • Nixon Lake
  • North Lake
  • Otter Lake
  • Pickerel Lake
  • Pleasant Lake
  • Ramsey Lake
  • Rice Lake
  • Rock Lake
  • Sand Lake
  • School Section Lake
  • Scott Lake
  • Sheldon Lake
  • Silver Lake
  • Slough Lake
  • Sugar Lake
  • Sullivan Lake
  • Swartout Lake
  • Twin Lake
  • Union Lake
  • Warner Lake
  • Weigand Lake
  • West Lake
  • White Lake
  • Willima Lake

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