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Lake Real Estate Agent

Yates Lake Real Estate Agent

John W Franklin

Lake Homes Realty

(334) 203-6222

John has a very impressive reputation for lake home building around Lake Martin and has built great lake homes in The Ridge, Trillium, Emerald Shores and other areas around the lake.


John is well versed in all areas of the lake, however his best lake knowledge is The Ridge, Trillium, Real Island and other areas on the North West banks of Lake Martin.


John began his career in Real Estate a few years ago and has sold many new and re-sale homes on this lake.


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John W Franklin

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(334) 203-6222


About Yates Lake

An Easy Trip to Montgomery

Yates Lake is located just below the Lake Martin dam, about 57 miles from Montgomery.


Sometimes called the "middle pond," Yates Lake lies directly between Lake Martin and Thurlow Reservoir.


All Sports Friendly Lake

This body of water is a popular area for swimming, boating, and skiing.


Additionally, there are two boat ramps on the lake open for public use.


What's Biting on Yates Lake

Yates is a lake with low fertility; this is because it is fed by the Martin Dam, which discharges cold and infertile water.


This environment is less than favorable for baitfish, meaning bass and other game fish grow at a slower rate.


More popular fishing targets on the lake are crappie, striped bass, and a variety of catfish species.