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Angela Chance knows a lot about living on the lake and loving that way of life. Many of her fondest memories are of lake visits with her family, making the most of every second there. During the process of finding her own forever home at the lake, she did her homework to understand lake real estate and what makes each home unique.


Since gaining her real estate license in 2018, she uses that knowledge to assist clients in making the right choice in the Wheeler Lake, Wilson Lake, Pickwick Lake, Elk River, and Shoal Creek areas. Angela loves getting to know her clients and learning their hopes and dreams for their new home. Her goal is to foster the feeling of family, togetherness, and familiarity that a lake home will create.


When she's not tirelessly helping her clients, Angela can be found enjoying the lake with her family and friends. They enjoy spending the day on the water and watching the beauty of the surrounding area. If you're looking to buy or sell a lake property in the Wheeler Lake, Wilson Lake, Pickwick Lake, Elk River, or Shoal Creek areas, give Angela Chance a call today!


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Featured Wilson Lake Lake Homes

Featured Lake Homes

About Wilson Lake

Florence, Alabama

Wilson Lake is located in Florence, Alabama, just over an hour west of Huntsville.


Seventeen minutes away is the Northwest Alabama Regional Airport, and 25 minutes away is Helen Keller Hospital.


Residents can shop at Florence Mall or eat at local restaurants like Jack’s Place Bistro.


Large and Lovely Lake

This Lake covers close to 16,000 acres and has 150 miles of mostly developed shoreline.


With just about every water-related activity available for visitors to participate in, Wilson Lake continues to be an extremely popular spot along the Tennessee River.


Once holding the world record for the largest smallmouth bass, Wilson Lake offers premier fishing opportunities to anglers.


What to do in Florence

For those who enjoy outdoor activities off the water, the surrounding area includes multiple golf courses and more than 10 miles of trails for hiking, biking, and wildlife viewing.


Just a short drive away, one can tour the birthplace of Helen Keller, an important historical site.


Frank Llyod Wright’s Rosenbaum House is a wonderful historic house to tour that is the originating place of the name ‘carport.’


Pope’s Tavern is an important part of Civil War History and was used as a war hospital during that time.


Nearby River Heritage Park has a variety of features, including a playground, benches, swings, splash pad, walking track, places to eat, and restrooms.


Explore Huntsville

Known for the presence of NASA, the bustling city of Huntsville has many different points of interest for anyone interested in space travel or rocketry.


Perhaps one of the most popular attractions is the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, where guests can witness live shows, study space memorabilia, including real space rocks, and even explore the cosmos with an expansive observatory.


Visitors of age can enjoy seeking out the secret speakeasy located within the halls of the Straight To Ale Brewery, one of the numerous breweries that have appeared in Huntsville over the years.


Why Wilson Lake?

Wilson Lake is perfect for people who enjoy living in historical areas, trying athletic lake activities, and being in the great outdoors.