Tips for Securing Your Boat and Boathouse

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Having a boat can be a lot of fun. However, purchasing and maintaining a boat can be very expensive. This means that security is important to protect your investment. Here are six simple tips for securing your boat and boathouse:


BoathouseNever leave your keys inside the boat. Leaving the keys in the boat will allow anyone and everyone that wants to leave with your boat easy access.

If you must insist on leaving your keys in the boathouse, then you will need to include a lock box with a combination lock on the box. This will ensure that only you can get to the keys.

Lock the Boathouse Doors

This one may seem obvious, but insure that when you leave the boathouse you lock the doors. If you leave the doors unlock thieves and vandals are able to enter with little to no effort.

If you seem to forget to lock the door on a regular basis, you can install a keypad lock that locks when the door closes. This is an automatic way of offer additional security to the boathouse, as well as the boat.

Lockers and Storage Chests

Having a way to store personal items inside the boathouse is convenient for many common boating items such as life jackets to spare boat parts. Make sure that anything you would like secured is placed into a storage chest, it not only keeps the area clean and tidy but deters potential thieves.

Removing Valuables

When it is time to leave the boathouse you need to remove all of the valuables. Leaving valuables in the boathouse, especially in sight, promotes theft.

This includes important documents such as you boat registration which should be kept inside the house in a secure area with other similar documents. When you leave, open the blinds so possible thieves will see there are no items inside to steal.

Timed Lights

Another great security measure is timed lights. Having your lights on a timer will offer visibility of the boathouse and will deter thieves. These can be purchased at any local hardware store.

Keep the Area Clean

When an area is not properly maintained it will look abandoned. Abandoned means “up for grabs” in the world of theft. Keeping grass cut and limbs trimmed will show that the place is active and should not be messed with.




Glenn S. Phillips is the CEO of Lake Homes Realty. He is also an author and speaker. When not thinking about real estate and technology, he periodically plays his ugly tuba (complete with a bullet hole), enjoys exploring cognitive thinking and dark chocolate..

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Hannah November 10, 2015 at 5:37 pm

Great tips. I recently saw a closet that a man made himself from a corner inside the boat house, and it was so pristine and well done. He had lined it with sealed cedar, added hangers and a rack for life vests, and sprayed the entire closet to bug proof it in addition to a seal on the bottom of the door. It made for very efficient storage and organization.


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