Low Cost Home Security Measures for Lake Homes

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According to the FBI property crimes are decreasing – possibly due to better home security. The rate of burglaries in an area drop when people take certain low cost home security precautions.

To ensure that your home security is top notch follow these low cost tricks.

Light Up Your HomeHome Security Lights

A home that is well lit is harder to maneuver around unseen. Areas with fewer dark hiding spots are less likely be a target for burglars.

Installing motion detectors on the outside of your home deters thieves by giving the idea that someone is home.

Indoor lights can be used as a deterrent when on a timer.

Indoor lights simply plug in to the timers to add an easy low cost home security feature.

Keep Your Yard Nice

While you are gone it is important to give an appearance that people are home.

It is important to hire a friend, family member, or company to ensure that your yard is taken care of while you are gone.

Over grown bushes allows thieves to hide during a burglary. Keeping bushes properly trimmed eliminates these hiding spots.

Think About Your Doors

A door that has a handle lock is a very easy mark for a thief with a credit card. They are able to use simple flat objects to break into your home.

Installing a deadbolt lock increases the difficulty of breaking in through the doors. Most deadbolts ensure the use of a key to unlock a door.

Secure the KeysHome Security Keys

When going out of town, make sure that you do not leave an emergency key in any obvious location such as fake rocks or under door mats.

For the best homes security do not leave a key hidden outside.

Provide a trusted person with a key while you are gone to check mail and take care of other household chores.

Watch the Windows

Windows are the weakest of security points in a home, especially when left open or unlocked. Ensure that all of the windows are closed and locked before you leave.

Covering the windows with curtains keeps others from being able to see inside. When intruders cannot see inventory in the house they are deterred from breaking in.

Window coverings will also keep them from knowing if someone is really in the home or not.

Hide Expensive Inventory

Put your jewelry box in the closest and hide anything else that is light and valuable. This will decrease the risk of thieves breaking in and finding your valuables.

While these tips decrease your risk of having a break in, it is also necessary to avoid posting your vacation location on social media platforms.

For previous information regarding lake home security visit CEO Glenn Phillips article from 2014.

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